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Jersey History Hunter- Saving history one dig at a time. Archaeological Metal detectorists of New Jersey, USA. Sponsored by First Texas Teknetics Metal Detectors. Researching the east coast, we focus on the locating and recovering relics and other related items throughout central NJ and all of the east coast. Over the last several years, recovering historical items has become a passion that we have always wanted to share. We like to share the fun of Metal detecting, bottle hunting, relic digging and saving any history we can! Enjoying every minute along the way from research to cleaning and displaying our finds to all the awesome people we meet. We have made several friends within this community and definitely appreciate them all.

​Some of our finds include Native American artifacts, Revolutionary war relics, musket balls, Civil War, Spanish Real coins, 1700's and 1800's coins, WWII Medals, Buttons, Buckles, Jersey Coppers, Old toys, Jewelry, Relics from early American Colonists and much much more. Some we display, some donate to museums, or home owners on properties we dig, some we give away on our Tuesday Night Livestreams on Yourtube.

research areas for historical significance and adventure out to save history at these locations before it is lost forever. Any funds made will go back into our group for future archaeological explorations and adventures. Follow us on Youtube for all the latest digs!

Thanks for stopping by!~ Aud- JHH

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Proudly Sponsored by First Texas Fisher, Teknetics, Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors




- Host of Dig it Dude the Gathering- Dig it Dude, the Gathering. The answer is New Jersey! Not just events, Gatherings of friends in the community By friends in the community! Local Non Profit Fund Raising Metal Detecting Events/Gatherings. Hosts- JHH, Can You Dig it with Dawn and Shelli and Underground Buddha






-Host of the first ever Metal Detecting  class/event with the Girl Scouts of Central and Southern NJ! 

Open to Girl Scouts and Non members as well!!

If you would like to help Please share this with the links and lets get the kids involved in a fun healthy outdoor activity!!

Past events-




Girl Scouts of Central & Southern NJ, Inc.

The 1st Ever class was a huge success! See

Video below

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Girl Scount event MD.jpg
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